WaterSense wins at ESA App Camp 2014

The group proposed the use of satellite data on water availability and soil moisture to assist farmers with irrigation.

In Italy and Spain, about half of water resources are used for agriculture. The proposed app would combine information from ESA’s Sentinel-1 mission with weather predictions from meteorological satellites to give farmers a field-by-field analysis of soil moisture, resulting in the better use of precious water resources.

Members of the winning team were each presented with a cash prize of €625. All teams were encouraged to apply to one of the ESA’s 19 Business Incubation Centres to develop their ideas further.

Team members:
Manuel Ciosici | Brian Frølund | Mikkel Kringelbach | John Smedegaard

In the other team categories, the following app concepts were developed:

Lifestyle and Tourism: Sun Tracker
The Sun Tracker app would give an hourly report of sunshine on ski slopes.

Team members:
Jakub Dubrovska | Vojt Dubrovska | Tomas Loukotka | Jaroslav Klech
Maritime Environment and Maritime Transportation: Qinu
Qinu – a word for ‘ice’ in Inuit – is an app that provides information on sea-ice thickness to fishermen, enabling them to evaluate risks such as getting boats stuck in ice.

Team members:
Ryan Bateman | Antonio Bertucci | Zvonko Grujić | Ataul Munim
Emergency and Rescue Management: Lookout
The Lookout app shall support wildfire detection and mapping.

Team members:
João Antunes | João Gonçalves | Rob Knapen | Daniel Zinkiewicz
Environmental Protection: Badespass
Badespass provides swimming water quality information. The German name roughly translates into ‘Swimming fun’.

Team members:
Benjamin Erhart | Holger Frank | Hannes Moser | Paul Steinhilber