Winners of the ESA App Camp 2013

In its second year, the App Camp saw 20 developers from 16 countries convene at ESA’s ESRIN centre in Frascati, Italy. Using satellite data to find areas of thermal updraft to fly gliders is just one of the innovative ideas developed over the week-long ‘camp’ to help bring Earth observation to the everyday user.

Winners 2013
The developers of the Thermal Guidance System app won the challenge. The group of aviation enthusiasts proposed the use of satellite data to detect areas of high thermal updraft – rising air currents that are responsible for keeping the planes and gliders aloft.

The app provides maps of these areas and a 3D view to assist pilots of gliders and small motorised planes, as well as for flying unmanned aerial vehicles.
Members of the winning team were each presented with an iPad3.

Other apps developed during the week included the game app Springesa, which simulates conditions for growing and harvesting vegetables using satellite data. Cheetah uses crowdsourcing to optimise food transport in Africa by recommending routes depending on weather and traffic conditions.

Breathe More, Live More also uses crowdsourcing to pinpoint areas in large cities with good air quality, while Liferama provides information for leisure activities such as fishing, bird-watching and going to the beach.

The App Camp was devised by the GMES Space Office and co-sponsored by the Technology Transfer Programme Office.