The Bavarian start-up company Building Radar is this year’s winner of the Space App Camp Barcelona 2016! The team convinced the experts of ESA, SAP and AZO with their innovative service on construction detection.

Building Radar, which is currently incubated in the ESA BIC Bavaria. With its proprietary satellite-supported search algorithm, Building Radar detects new construction projects months earlier than the competition. Building Radar also verifies lead specs such as construction phase and building size to provide you with real-time intelligence on commercial real estate. During the Space App Camp, Building Radar received technical coaching from SAP experts to further develop its service by combining Sentinel 2 satellite data from the European Copernicus programme, with various layers of data and the processing power of the, combines the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Earth Observation data from the Copernicus Space Programme to identify and monitor construction sites worldwide.

The Space App Camp Barcelona initiated by the European Space Agency – European Space Research Institute (ESA ESRIN), supported by the ESA Transfer Technology Program Office (ESA TTPO) sponsored by SAP, and organised by AZO to support start-ups that make use of the huge amounts of Earth observation data in their products.