RAMANI, named after the Swahili word for ‘Map’, is the first spin-off of the University of Twente’s Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation. Just like “Ujuizi Laboratories”, RAMANI is a subsidiary of Ujuizi Holding B.V. who’s combined aim is to accelerate mobile technology in BoP (Bottom of Pyramid) markets. With participations of the University of Twente, ITC’s Natural Resources Department and Kennispark Twente provide entrepreneurial and thematic content support to the spin-off companies. RAMANI has developed a toolbox for Android developers to be able to quickly get results by providing a series of APIs providing advanced functionality to mobile Apps such as AI (artificial intelligence), Crowdsourcing, Offline maps and routing, etc.. Ujuizi Laboratories has utilized the RAMANI APIs for its award-winning crowdsourcing app called “CHEETAH”, which fights food loss in West Africa.

RAMANI has extensive experience in tailoring the user interface of Smartphone applications to (semi) illiterate audiences based on its experiences in developing end-to-end solutions in other BoP markets. or as enhanced data-streams for downstream service providers to build other added-value services through a RESTful API. The Maps-API connects to a rich Streaming Data Library (SDL) hosted by RAMANI on behalf of ESA, allowing developers to tap into Geo-spatial data (gridded and vector) as well as location-based information from the weather forecast services operated by RAMANI. A full cloud-based IT hardware infrastructure is maintained by RAMANI that provides scalability in case the number of users increase through an advanced content-delivery platform.