SnapPlanet App Wins Top Prize at Space App Camp

Developers of an app that combines the increasing availability of satellite images with social networking took home the top prize at this year’s Space App Camp in Barcelona.



Huge amounts of data from space – the kind produced by the European Earth observation Copernicus programme and its Sentinel satellites – offer countless opportunities in connection with mobile applications and a multitude of services use cloud computing for processing.

The Space App Camp Barcelona initiated by the European Space Agency – European Space Research Institute (ESA ESRIN), sponsored by SAP, and organised by AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen, seeks to combine both technologies.

With ESA’s latest Satellite data from the Copernicus Space programme and the supporting technology of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), participants have the tools they need to get the most out of this Earth observation data.

Together with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and its unmatched capability to process big data in high speed and its built-in geospatial functionality, it is the natural choice for running EO applications.

Five teams from all over Europe were selected by an expert jury and invited to participate in the Space App Camp Barcelona 2017.

After a public pitch of all teams on 27 February on the Mobile World Congress, the expert jury consisting of Martine Heuff, Global Digital Program Leader Commercial Sales; Carsten Linz, Head of CIO Center for Digital Leadership, SAP; Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Earth Observation Applications Engineer, ESA ESRIN; Thomas Beer, Copernicus Policy Coordinator, ESA-ESRIN; Thibaud Delourme, Team Leader, European Commission; Thorsten Rudolph, Managing Director AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen selected  Jérôme Gasperi with his mobile application SnapPlanet as the winner of the Space App Camp Barcelona 2017.

Meet the winner


Space Layer Technologies

Air pollution is becoming a major health problem in cities worldwide. Based on satellite imagery fine-tuned to the street level through a sensor network installed in moving vehicles (which facilitates more affordable dynamic mapping), SOUL aims to produce analytics that can describe air quality in near-real time. It combines machine-learning algorithms with personalised information to provide forecasts and insights to individual users, thus enabling them to make proactive decisions that benefit their health and fitness.


In addition to its reputation as a valuable asset, wine is considered a comparatively safe and consistently well-performing investment. Investors want to be guided towards the best and most profitable wine stocks, which we found can be done based on a tailored blend of space- and ground-based observations of production areas. Saturnalia is a service that will offer quantitative prediction of wine quality based on satellite and meteorological data. It will also provide information on the best vintage of a specific type of wine and suggest similar wines to consumers.


Earthflow is a SaaS platform for soil moisture monitoring that can track crop health and yield and ultimately analyse food security risks. The effect of climate change on food production and water availability is becoming an important part of policy decisions and a growing source of political tensions. By providing real-time information on how climate change is impacting agriculture in different regions, our service can help farmers switch to the most suitable crops while aiding regional governments in implementing better policies for agriculture and water management. Earthflow utilises satellite data from Sentinel-1, -2, and -3.


SnapPlanet brings Earth observation data to the mass market in a fashionable, user-friendly way. It combines the ever-increasing availability of Earth observation images with the advantages of a social network design to be accessible to everyone.
SnapPlanet users can choose a location around the world at a given time, “snap” it, and share precise pictures of local places taken from satellites with their followers. By providing citizens with access to EO images, SnapPlanet will be a catalyst of innovation and the creation of new services based on EO data.


Miramap has introduced the Droughtscan miramAPP: a detailed satellite data product developed specifically for water managers, who experience problems with dry (peat) levees during periods of severe drought. Since dry levees lose their strength and are prone to failure, monitoring them during dry periods using Droughtscan enables water managers to quickly respond to dangerous situations. The app combines different bands of the most recent Sentinel-2 images with ground observations to validate the satellite product. Thanks to its unique features, it stands apart from competing services.


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